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Anatomy of a Digg

Yesterday morning I woke up to find that one of the posts on my Geek Etiquette blog had been Dugg. Within half an hour, my site was offline. I spent a good chunk of the day dealing with my first “digg effect”, and thought it might be interesting to write up. Timeline All times are in Australian east coast time, and approximate. * Wednesday afternoon, I posted Dresscodes: Geek vs Non-Geek to my blog. * Thursday, during the day, I checked my website stats and Continue reading →

Wiki review: DokuWiki

I’ve been looking for a simple, lightweight wiki application for my website since my recent redesign. Here’s what I wanted: * quick, no-nonsense install and configuration * easily restrict editing access (me, and perhaps a small handful of friends) * clean interface and pleasant markup that doesn’t make me want to scream (TWiki, I’m looking at you!) * easily themeable to look like the rest of my site * runs on Perl or PHP for preference Someone on IRC last week (sorry, I forget who) Continue reading →

OS switching and the XY problem

An XY problem is one where you have a problem X which you want to solve with tool or technique Y, but Y isn’t necessarily the right thing for the job. You ask, “How do I solve X with Y?” and everyone looks at you blankly. *How do I hammer in this nail with a screwdriver?* *How do I use Outlook Express under Linux?* *How do I configure OSX Finder to [do anything useful]?* I’ve switched (either wholly or partially) from Windows to Linux in Continue reading →

Open Source Developers’ Conference: Last day week (or so) to submit papers!

I just submitted my paper proposals for the Open Source Developers’ Conference, an annual event held here in Australia which brings together developers from a range of different open source communities and languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Mono, and I don’t even know what else. Even though I usually spend most time in the Perl track, it’s good to have options. Here are the titles of papers I submitted: * CPAN meets Web2.0: 20 modules in 20 minutes * Packaging Perl Applications: From Continue reading →

Why are the intertubes like a catflap?

A couple of weeks ago my Dad and I were on our way to visit my Grandma, who’s moved into a retirement village down at Torquay. As we were driving through Geelong, I thought I’d see whether Dad had caught any of the buzz about this web2.0 thing all the kids seem to be into these days. Turns out he knows about blogs, wikis, and Google Maps, and has heard of YouTube and MySpace though he hasn’t visited either. I was pretty impressed; Dad hasn’t Continue reading →

I was POSH before you were.

Via Stennie on #perlnet, the Microformats Wiki lists me as the originator of the term “Plain Old Semantic HTML”: > The earliest references to “plain old semantic HTML” that have been found so far are: > 1998-05-01: Kirrily ‘Skud’ Robert on – “The site is implemented in HTML 4.0 Transitional with style sheets; this means that anyone with an older browser won’t get presentational markup, just plain old semantic HTML. ” How cool is that? I wish I’d acronymed it at the time.

Things I Wish I’d Known About Relocating

I’ve been thinking for a while about what advice I’d give people wanting to relocate internationally for work. I’ve done it twice now for myself (from Australia to Canada and then back again), and each time it’s pretty much been a lesson in what *not* to do. So I thought I’d record some of the things I wish I’d known before I went. 1. It costs more than you think Chances are your new employer is paying some of your relocation expenses. At minimum they’re Continue reading →

Weaning yourself off LJ: Images and video

So far we’ve been talking about posting fan fiction to a WordPress-based archive. Now let’s look at how you can add images (such as fanart) and video (such as fanvids). Uploading images This could hardly be easier. In the “Write Post” interface, you’ll see an “upload” area. Simply upload the image you wish to include in a post. Choose a short title — this will become the ALT tag on the image, seen when someone’s browsing with a text-only browser — and optionally a description. Continue reading →


Heard of BookMooch? I was recently introduced to it via the London Perl Mongers mailing list. It’s one of several book-sharing services around, the best-known of which, I guess, is BookCrossing. But unlike BookCrossing, which centres around people dropping off books in public places, BookMooch matches up people who’ve got books and people who want them, and the transfer happens by good old snailmail. Some of my recently listed books: Get free books from I listed* a small handful of books a few weeks Continue reading →

I want this office.

Via O’Reilly Radar, check out Three Rings’ cool pirate-themed office! We’re going through an office re-decoration at the moment. Wonder if I can talk the boss into this? And hammocks instead of desks — I hear the Royal Navy could fit each person into 18″ of space that way, which sounds like about what they’ve got planned for us.