Tyranny of Distance: Link roundup

A discussion else-blog in response to Part 1 of my series on why it sucks to be an Australian geek:

* Mary provides further discussion of laptop price markups in Australia.
* Russell Coker describes (technically) illegal ways to import laptops if you really want to save some money.
* Mary points out that of course it’s *possible* to import laptops as Russell describes; it’s just a pain in the arse.

2 thoughts on “Tyranny of Distance: Link roundup

  1. BTW, on the other side of the laptop debate, a friend came to visit with his (US) MacBook, and couldn’t connect to my Airport Extreme base station. Why? Australia allows channel 13, and Australian MacBooks look on channel 13 for base stations. For reasons I cannot fathom, US MacBooks don’t even look on channel 13. So much for international roaming!

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