My must-read blogs (non-tech edition)

The following are all highly recommended.

  • A Dress A Day. Lexicographer Eric McKean, coiner of the term fauxlero, shows off her favourite dresses: mostly vintage, occasionally runway, but with a strong DIY sensibility.
  • The Hathor Legacy. Regular skewering of film, TV, and advertising for their constant anti-feminist messages. Less ranty and more readable than you’d think.
  • 101 cookbooks wins the prize for “food blog most likely to actually make me salivate”. Weird visual aside, I think Heidi’s tastebuds and mine may have been separated at birth. Mostly whole grains, fresh vegies, and an international flavour.
  • Brooklyn Tweed. By far my favourite knitting blog. Jared’s photography is beautiful and I want to knit at least two out of every three projects he posts about.
  • The Ethicurean is all about understanding the ethical implications of what we eat. Heavy on the US agricultural politics (especially during this year’s Farm Bill nonsense), but nonetheless vital reading.
  • Yatima is my neighbour and fellow expat Rach’s journal of the good things in her life. Makes me smile every time I see there’s a new post in my reader.
  • Oursin’s LJ saves me having to read the Guardian for myself. The regular haddock-slappings always get me nicely riled up.

(And people still have the temerity to ask, from time to time, “Where are all the women bloggers?” Hmph.)

Tall ships on a map

Freebase Parallax is rocking my world.

Do I really need to say any more? 243 tall ships; of those for which the home port is known, draw them on a map. If there’s a picture, use it.

David Gerard, UK Wikipedia guy, who is sitting on the sofa next to me, says that he’s highly impressed and that I should say so. I told him to blog about it himself, but he’s a slack bastard, so there you go.

Off to London

I’m off to London tonight, and will be there from Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th August. It’s my first time there — a bit of a colonial pilgrimage — so I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s part work and part play, which is to say that I’ll be working and enjoying myself simultaneously. They’re kicking us out of the office to work from home for a week while they remodel, so I saw no reason why I had to work from my own home or indeed my usual timezone. Hence I’ll be working while in London, but enjoying the scenery while I do it.

A few events worth mentioning:

Plus, of course, a bunch of workish meetings during the days. It’s going to be a busy week, I think. If you’re in London and would like to catch up, please drop me a line.