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Working sound

A while ago I wrote about my shifting attitude to live music and how I’ve totally changed my live-music-going ways of late. It’s not that I didn’t used to like live music, but there was so much related crap that bugged me, that I very seldom ended up going to shows. I missed one important thing in that post, though, and realised I should write more about it. So this is my post about how I figured out something about my brain, and stopped being Continue reading →

Links of interest

Let’s close some of these browser tabs! Youtube vs. transformative works How I fought against a Youtube takedown and eventually won. The creator of a political remix vid criticising the under-representation of women in video games tells how her video was removed as “inappropriate content”, and how she fought back with the help of the New Media Rights group. (Via Laura Shapiro.) YouTube needs a process (a transparent one even) informing us if our videos have been removed, why they have been removed and how Continue reading →

More on those ebook discussions

Over in the comments of the Dreamwidth mirror of my previous post, Elf asked whether I could redraw the graph of the ebooks discussions after removing her linkspam from the mix. Good idea! In the end I removed several things: Elf’s linkspam (elf1) Kanata’s linkspam (kanata) The entire tech-blog cluster (oreilly1, booksprung1, and those linked to them) Any posts that linked to mitchell but weren’t otherwise connected to the graph Any posts which, after all that was done, were orphaned, not linking to anything else Continue reading →

Ebook discussions flying under the radar

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing a pile of blog discussion about ebook piracy. It all started on January 12th, when Australian fan lucyham tweeted to author Sarah Rees Brennan: Apologies. Have just torrented The Demon’s Lexicon. Will buy when laggardly, pickpocketing, luddite publishers in Aus get around to allowing Australians to buy books off Amazon. So sick of “Aussies can’t purchase this book” message. A twitter storm ensued, which quickly made it to various blogs. Author Saundra Mitchell posted on her blog Continue reading → Continue reading →