Monthly Archives: May 2011


I spent today offline. I wrote something. I post it here fully recognising the irony inherent in doing so. Transcript: OFFLINE. Sitting on my front step in San Francisco’s Mission District. May 19th 2011. I am taking a sick day from work, and since I don’t actually have much to do at work it’s a real SICK DAY not “working from home”. I’ve resolved to stay offline til tonight. It’s sunny out and why not enjoy that? I lay in bed til early afternoon sleeping Continue reading →

The Plan (NB: use ominous voice when reading post title)

Look, I may as well post about it. I’ve been planning it for months, and a whole swag of people already know, but this’ll make it official. Sometime around early September, I’m planning on heading back to Melbourne, Australia, whereupon I hope to spend a few months bumming around on people’s sofas/the beach/relatives’ farms/etc, before going back to school in 2012 to study sound engineering. Q&A time… So I’m leaving Google, then? Yup, that’s the plan. I’ll have done a year there since Metaweb’s acquisition, Continue reading →


I keep meaning to post these things as I find them, so here ya go. A fugue based on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. The creator says, “This should show how counterpoint can be fun and up to date.” I’m not sure if it quite succeeds at that, but it is rather good. While we’re at it, I love this cello cover of “Final Countdown”. In fact it has supplanted my previous favourite cover of that song, it’s just that good: Rock out, Latvian cello dudes! Continue reading →