Music links of interest

A few weeks ago I asked around for recommendations of twitter people to follow who were at the intersection of tech and music. Consider this a set of “people to follow” recommendations if you’re interested in the same thing, as well as some highlights of recent things I’ve found via them.

(As an aside, can anyone suggest a good way to read a twitter list such as this one in such a way that it includes new-style retweets? It seems like Twitter itself screws this up, unfortunately.)

Wendy Hsu (@wendyfhsu) on LA’s Chinatown, the punk wars, and race:

I’m strangely attracted to this topic. But I’m not sure what my attraction entails. I know that it’s definitely related to my fascination with LA and excitement for moving to LA. I also think that this could be a seed for a new digital project. The KCET’s project can be a start of what I conceived as an in-depth interactive investigation of the interconnections between music of the “underground,” immigrant communities, and place, to unfurl the hidden discourses behind the often-times white-centered punk rock narratives.

Via @debcha, Unhearit:

Got a song stuck in your head? Unhearit promises to unstick it for you. The catch? It does so by replacing it with something equally sticky. A Faustian bargain if I’ve ever heard one.

Deb also asks, who will gather type specimens of music, as the Internet Archive is now doing for books? Good question.

Brewster decided that he should keep a copy of every book they scan so that somewhere in the world there was at least one physical copy to represent the millions of digital copies. That safeguarded random book would become the type specimen of that work. If anyone ever wondered if the digital book’s text had become corrupted or altered, they could refer back to the physical type that was archived somewhere safe.

From @theleadingzero, a video tutorial she made about audio processing with Python (the beginning includes a good intro to digital audio for laypeople, too):

And to wrap it up, have a death metal parrot: