Wanna buy my shit?

So this is the first of what will probably be many relocation logistics posts. Right now, I’m looking for people to take some furniture and other items off my hands. The following are available for pickup in San Francisco. With regard to price, just make me an offer. Anything halfway reasonable will probably be fine. If you need details, ask.


(Google for pics of all these, most of them are discontinued by Ikea.)

  • 2 x Ikea Lillberg rocking chairs (black cushions)
  • 2 x Ikea Leksvig bookcases (tall, open-backed)
  • Ikea Leksvig dresser (tall, 4 big drawers + 2 small drawers)
  • Ikea Leksvig side table (I use it as a TV stand)
  • Ikea Leksvig coffee table (large, with storage underneath)


  • OLPC XO computer
  • 750GB external hard drive (LaCie, about the size of a mac mini)
  • Grace internet radio device (streams everything, including Pandora)

Kitchen and other appliances

  • Food processor
  • Stick mixer
  • Rice cooker
  • Iron


  • artificial Christmas tree, about 5′ tall, quite a nice one

Interested? Drop a comment here and I’ll get back to you.

10 thoughts on “Wanna buy my shit?

  1. Interested in the hard drive — I’ll text you or catch you on IRC at some point, because yeah. My old external is on the dying legs, LaCie is a good brand, and so. Not sure if I can swing it at this point, but!

  2. Directed here by anatsuno… I’m interested in the OLPC XO computer; email me? :-)

  3. ooh I would also be interested in the external drive. And the food processor – what size and brand is it?

    Also, I noticed that the red couch of doom is not on the list… is it going to be a permanent fixture in the apartment? -_^

  4. There are no shirts, sorry, and buttons are only available in person (from me or someone else who knows me and has some).

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