Written? Kitten!

Seems like everyone around me is either doing NaNoWriMo or is in the throes of fannish holiday exchanges. I refuse to make any writing commitments at present, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sympathetic to those that have them. And so…

This afternoon, my housemate Emily and I made Written? Kitten! It’s more or less along the lines of Write Or Die, only without the AUGH AUGH OH NO AAUUUUGHHHH DIEEE!!!!, and with more cuteness and fluff.

written kitten screenshot

It was a quick hack in an afternoon, and we only have the browsers we have at home, so if you find problems with it please let us know.

ETA: source code, if anyone cares.

12 thoughts on “Written? Kitten!

  • Danielle

    THIS IS GORGEOUS. Someone linked it to me (I have a holiday fic due tomorrow and have been out of inspiration) and it was the best part of my day. I’m still not done my fic, but I’m halfway done, so thanks a ton!

  • Susan Petroulas / Suelder

    I discovered Written Kitten yesterday and I am totally addicted. I got 2700 words on it yesterday (!)

    However, how do I reset it? I deleted yesterday’s words, ready to type this morning, but I did not get a new kitten when I hit 100 new words. Is there a way to reset it?

    BTW – the writing site where I hang out is also addicted already – http://www.fmwriters.com During a chat session yesterday evening people would announce their wordcounts with “I’ve got 22 kittens today!”

    thanks for such a fun site. I hope the bugs can be worked out.

  • Fi Webster

    Ohmygod, I love Written? Kitten! Thank you so much for this. I have never wanted to do Write or Die, because I’m not motivated by the stick, only by the carrot. Pictures of kittens are the perfect carrot for me! Please leave this up for at least three years, as I have a very long novel in the works and am only 25K words into it. =grin=

  • Deborah Ford

    I loved it…until I lost hundreds of words because there is no ‘undo’ feature. I was trying to copy and paste 300+ words to my manuscript, accidently pressed ‘c’ before ‘control’ and ended up with a ‘c’ on a blank page. Then today I got a phone call while I had 290 words highlighted and ready to copy, and evidently put my elbow on the space bar, deleting them all. Arrrggghhhh!

    So for now I have to give up on it, but will check back later to see if that has been changed. I sure hope so because it is a wonderfully fun site, and really was helping me stay motivated.

  • Skud Post author

    We’re not planning on building in an “undo” function or any other word-processor-like features, but your browser may well have one built in. Try pounding on ctrl-Z or cmd-Z and see if that does the trick — it does for me using Firefox on OSX, for whatever that’s worth.

  • HUD

    Haha, after using written kitten I went to check out Write or Die and had to laugh at this line:

    “All the features you know and love (or are deeply vexed by) from the online version now available without the gigantic kitten of distraction that is our modern internet.”

    Was this kitten reference your inspiration or Dr. Wicked’s response?

  • Kit

    Thanks so much for written kitten. I have never written essays faster. EVER. I keep shouting, “awww!” in my dormitory, and I’m sure everyone is wondering why XD.

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