No resolutions this year

Just wanted to note the new year and say, yes, it is indeed 2013. I didn’t feel moved to make any resolutions this time round. I figure I’ll be busy enough with Growstuff and if I can do a good job of that, that’s achievement enough.

A number of my friends have made or renewed resolutions to read more books by people of colour. I was at the public library yesterday and found myself looking at the shelves with that in mind. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, so I just started on the nearest shelves, which happened to cover the history of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Very few authors’ names struck me as being other than Anglo. Sigh. I did find two books about Egypt though, and a couple of books on Australian Aboriginal history in the next row. I’m glad that other people’s resolutions made me more mindful of this.

What are your resolutions this year? Or have you punted like me?

3 thoughts on “No resolutions this year

  • Meg

    I want to skate in a rollerderby bout this year, but I think that’s more a goal than a resolution. I don’t usually do resolutions. Tried it for 2012. Didn’t work for me. I’ll stick with an aim to skate competitively at least once.

  • VMB

    As a general rule I do not make resolutions. The only time I ever broke that rule was back in 2007 when I resolved to see at least one live music show every month of the year. It was a pleasure to keep that resolution.

    That said, I *have* just started a series of self-improvement schemes. It’s an unfortunate accident that the timing coincides with the turn of the year. This has made me self-conscious and feel like I need to explain, “No, this isn’t a resolution thing, honest,” as though it would be bad somehow (cliché, doomed to failure) if these schemes *were* resolutions.

  • pozorvlak

    My resolution is to make more things – preferably physical things, but also software. You’ll be pleased to heat that work on Growstuff counts towards this resolution :-) I’ve made some progress already – I’ve finally joined my local hackerspace and have been messing around with the machines, I’ve cooked a bunch of new recipes, and I’ve deployed an old coding project that I’d been meaning to finish for ages.

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