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The Plan, Revisited

Last May I posted about The Plan. You might have heard the quote, variously attributed to all kinds of people but apparently actually said by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, “No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” That’s not to say mean that there’s no point planning, but that your plans need to be adaptable and learn how to roll with it once the action starts. I don’t really like to think of TAFE as “the enemy” but I will concede that a few Continue reading →

Sunk Costs Fallacy

[Contains spoilers for Anathem, if anyone cares.] I’m going through two intensely frustrating things at present: The end of my first semester of sound engineering school, and Reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem School: it’s TAFE, which means no exams worth mentioning, and they really don’t want to fail anyone if they can help it. That means the assessment tasks aren’t too difficult, and in many cases we finish them long before the end of semester so that there’s time for marking, resubmission, late submission, or whatever. Continue reading →