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Post offices in the US: a guide for Australians

This holiday season I’ve had a few Australian friends travelling in the US, and something I’ve seen repeatedly on Twitter is, basically, this: America, Y U NO HAVE POSTOFFICES?! — lianaskewes (@lianasmooz) January 2, 2014 So, here is a guide for US post offices, aimed at Australians. I’m qualified to write this because I had exactly this experience when I moved there. It went something like this. Me, to office manager: “Hey, where’s the nearest post office?” Office manager: “Uh… I think there might be Continue reading →

“Utopia Girls”: I’m disappointed

Me, elsewhere: this is a crosspost of something I wrote for the Australian feminist blog Hoyden About Town. If you’re interested in comments, you should check there as well as here. About a week ago, the ABC aired Utopia Girls: How Women Won the Vote, a documentary about women’s suffrage in Australia. I’d seen a few positive mentions on Twitter and Facebook, so this afternoon I went and hunted it down on iView and watched it. The documentary opens with the narrator, Dr. Clare Wright, Continue reading → Continue reading →