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The Pathway to Inclusion

Lately I’ve been working on how to make groups, events, and projects more inclusive. This goes beyond diversity — having a demographic mix of participants — and gets to the heart of how and why people get involved, or don’t get involved, with things. As I see it, there are six steps everyone needs to pass through, to get from never having heard of a thing to being deeply involved in it. These six steps happen in chronological order, starting from someone who knows nothing Continue reading →

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe…

So this happened. I like to think that in another, better, universe, it went like this: When we launched Google+ over three years ago, we had a lot of restrictions on what name you could use on your profile. This helped create a community made up of people who matched our expectations about what a “real” person was, but excluded many other real people, with real identities and real names that we didn’t understand. We apologise unreservedly to those people, who through our actions were Continue reading →

Three realisations about community

Through May/June I was travelling in the US, to a number of feminist and tech events including WisCon, AdaCamp and Open Source Bridge. I gave talks, ran unconference sessions, and sat on panels at each event, as well as talking to lots of smart people doing good stuff. In between, I hung out with remote colleagues and met new ones in spaces like San Francisco’s feminist hackerspace Double Union. Along the way, I made three realisations, all of which are related to community in some Continue reading →

Meetups, redux

Me: “Hey, housemate, do I want to go to the local technology group’s monthly hack night tonight? They posted about it to the mailing list but didn’t mention the time, the facilities available, or whether there’d be food, but I managed to figure out the location by looking at older mailing list posts, and I’m guessing it might be at 6pm, the same time they hold their meetups. There’s no information about it on their website.” Housemate: “What’s the best case and worst case scenarios?” Continue reading →

Growing stuff (vegies, open source projects, communities…)

The other week I posted from GUADEC, saying I’d been inspired to start an open source project to build a gardening website. If I posted, “I planted tomatoes in my garden in Melbourne on the 1st of November” and everyone else did likewise, we’d wind up with an extensive database of food plants, including things like heirloom varieties and where to source them from. We could also build a histogram of the distributions of planting times for every location. Eventually, we could build in tools Continue reading →

The community spectrum: caring to combative

This is part of my “Craft of Community” series of blog posts; you can find more through my craft of community tag. Like I said in my last post, I’ve started and participated in a pretty wide variety of communities: large and small, technical and non-technical, open and invite-only, non-profit and corporate-sponsored, focused and general. The only thing they’ve really had in common has been that they’ve all been online, to at least some degree; my life’s been pretty Internet-mediated since I first got online Continue reading →