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Fresh links for October 1st

OStatus: like Twitter, but open – Ooh. I'm actually quite excited about this. The HN thread has some good points about WordPress integration as well. If OStatus can get itself hooked in closely to the WordPress ecosystem, it could actually have enough people using it — non-geek people, that is — to be worthwhile. Proofreading font – Did you know there is a special font for proofreading OCR'd texts? This one was developed by Project Gutenberg. "It's designed to constantly throw you OUT of the Continue reading →

Sunk Costs Fallacy

[Contains spoilers for Anathem, if anyone cares.] I’m going through two intensely frustrating things at present: The end of my first semester of sound engineering school, and Reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem School: it’s TAFE, which means no exams worth mentioning, and they really don’t want to fail anyone if they can help it. That means the assessment tasks aren’t too difficult, and in many cases we finish them long before the end of semester so that there’s time for marking, resubmission, late submission, or whatever. Continue reading →

The copyright hypocrisy files

A while ago I started collecting examples of copyright hypocrisy, with the intent of creating a definitive list of cases where copyright bullies are caught infringing the same rules they say everyone else should obey. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Lamar Smith, author of SOPA, uses website background image without permission Anti-P2P lawyers rip off the content of another copyright settlement group’s website The party run by music-label-owned VEVO, where they showed a pirated NFL game Norwegian author complains about ebook piracy, then admits Continue reading →